Open call for site design, artwork, and content improvements

Daniel Friesen / Nov 4th, 2013

I’ve begun the foundation for this Metro Vancouver directory for anime otaku. Now I’m opening up for support from other people in continuing the project.

Site Design

Right now this website is using a slightly improved generic theme. I need inspiration and mockups of what the layout of the website should look like. I’m not interested in simply swapping in another generic theme. With a mockup or a base for the layout of the website I can improve it from there and create the theme myself. Turning design mockups into themes is something I do professionally after all. 😉


Even with a great website layout and design this site will be pretty lonely without any artwork. This is a an anime related website after all. So I’ll gladly welcome mascot designs and website artwork submissions from artists.

If you’ve got an idea and want to draw something I can give you a few tips on how to format your drawings in a way I can best use them as parts of the website.

Content Improvements

So far I’ve written pages for the stores that I’ve visited. I know there are others – the UBC Anime Club’s sponsor list has a number of them – however I can’t write a good description for a store I’ve never visited. I’ll be taking submissions for descriptions of stores I know about but haven’t visited.

The store inside of Crystal Mall is lacking information online. I’d be grateful if someone were to offer information on that store before I have to make a physical trip there to collect the information.

If you know of any other store selling anime merchandise besides Gacha Hobbies, Character Box, Half Moon, Comic Land, Core Games, Metropolis Comics and Toys, Imperial Hobbies, and Soul of Anime I’d welcome information about the store.